New books for your reading list!

Three new and exciting books were launched in October to coincide with Walk21's annual conference.

Firstly, Clara Cecil's – It starts with a step. Which aims to support people who want to change the world but don't know where to start!...As Clara says "Today’s world faces daunting challenges: climate change, global conflict, inequality, and health crises, to name a few. In the face of these overwhelming problems, how can we possibly begin to make a difference? The first step is simple: go for a walk".

Another great book is by Derk van der Laan titled 'Walking for Me, You and Millions More' How to save the self-walking human being? As Derk says " ‘Walking for Me, You and Millions More’ is a worldwide homage to walkability. But also a wake-up call". Download the story of Derk van der Laan, Dutch writer and expert, for the price of a cup of coffee here.

And finally, Sabine Chardonnet-Darmaillacq's new book titled ' La genie de la marche'. It is only available in French (so far!) and though it has been out since 2016 it was kindly shared with us in Bogota by Sabine. The book, from a colloquium of Cerisy held in 2012, is the hypothesis of a genius of walking that is waiting to unfold in the contemporary world. It brings together authors of various disciplines, humanities and social sciences, urbanism and architecture as well as robotics, neuroscience, medicine, design or the art world. More Information about the book can be found here (in French).

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