Rancagua, Chile is inspired by the International Charter for Walking

October 8, 2018

Walk21 is delighted that today, at the Street Calming Conference in Rancagua in Chile, 28 authorities signed the International Charter for Walking.


The whole event was been guided by the City Mayor and the City Planning Director, Mr Eduardo Soto and Raimundo Agliati.  The authorities represent regional and local level. administrations and was coordinated by Hernán Silva BórquezIngeniero Civil Gerente de Proyectos Urbanismo y Territorio Ltda.


More than 200 people attended the congress including the director of Chile's National Commission on Transport Safety (CONASET).


Professor Stefan Steiniger, an associate of Walk21 working with the CEDEUS sustainable transport team at the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile, said 'I am seriously impressed by this event today.  Chile is really embracing improvements to walkability and i am honoured to be at the event to witness these new commitments".


Many congratulations to Herman, his team and all the people at Rancagua.  It sounds like a great event and a good first step in advance of Walk21 Bogota in a weeks time.



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