What an Inspiring Program for Walk21 Bogotá

The conference program for Walk21 Bogotá has taken an awesome shape. Since more than 1800 delegates have registered so far we are looking forward to a densely packed week of knowledge transfer, inspirational conversations and on-site experiences from one of the foremost innovative cities for sustainable transport and walkability.

On Monday 15 October, Walk21 Bogotá will kick off with the city's famous Ciclovia, or should that rather be a CAMINOVIA this year? This will be a special downtown event for conference delegates to come together and walk along the streets which will be opened for walking, cycling and other non-motorized activities enjoying the liberated public space.

From 16-18 October the core academic program of Walk21 Bogotá features 250 speakers from 40 countries sharing their knowledge about various aspects of walking. Some of the highlights are:

  • High-level plenary sessions for the conference opening will give political and strategic insights into policy making and planning for walkable cities.

  • Several sessions will discuss how Tactical Urbanism interventions help to transform Bogotá's streets towards being more walkable.

  • The session "Why do we walk?" explores the motivations of people walking and how those can help to design more equitable public spaces.

Friday 19 October will then be a opportunity to explore Bogotá in one of the many walkshops and excursions that are held across the city. Examples for the program are:

  • Eleven excursions guided by city officials that allow you to explore further afield and see Bogotá from new perspectives. These walking tours will lead you through the city's green spine, Bogotá's female history, its bustling streetart scene as well as its rich ethnic and cultural history.

  • The "Streets for Kids Walkshop" hosted by NACTO and Bloomberg Associates allows participants to explore the city from a children's perspective to foster discussion on how to design cities more inclusive and child-friendly.

  • The walkshop "Citizenship Index of Walking" directed by SampaPé! introduces a methodology to empower citizens, neighbourhood organizations and society to identify the elements in public space that are influencing walkability.

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