Walk21 Joins the INTALInC Network

Walk21 was delighted to be invited to join the International Network for Transport and Accessibility in Low Income Communities in January 2018. In February Walk21 visited Manchester University to discuss potential future collaborative projects with INTALInC to help progress the Sidewalk Challenge in particular, which is focused on improving walkability in low and middle income cities.

INTALInC has been established to build lasting partnerships to develop research promoting urban transport systems that can meet the travel needs of low income populations in cities in the Global South.

The Network, coordinated by Leeds University, has developed an interdisciplinary, collaborative network for the co-production of knowledge between UK and internationally-based academics, policy makers and NGOs working within a broad constitutency of transport and development related fields, to support the development of more inclusive transport systems within developing cities; Promotes an active and lasting collaborations between academic, policy and practitioner communities to more effectively encourage the uptake of this policy agenda; and is delivering a series of ‘research into practice’ workshops, events and intermediary webinars to facilitate exchanges between network members.

INTALInC is jointly funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Department for International Development, under the ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund.

INTALInC brings together primary partners from nine institutions in the UK, Africa and East Asia with a specific focus on finding innovative ways to address the mobility needs of the most vulnerable populations in the network’s four partnering countries: Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda. Using case studies from cities in our partner countries, as well as India, the Philippines and South Africa, INTALInC aims to transform transport systems planning in these locations.

The network programme is specifically designed to bring together researchers and policy experts working within different disciplines and sectors who rarely, if ever, meet, so that they can work together to develop a whole system collaborative approach addressing the considerable challenge of providing inclusive mobility systems within participating cities in the Global South.

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