New publication on the impact of walking and cycling on urban road performance

FLOW project has recently released a new publication titled "Analysing the impact of walking and cycling on urban road performance: a conceptual framework" which introduces you to the tools that are being developed by FLOW.

The conceptual framework is a summary of the key products developed by the project and aims at illustrating the relationship between a walking or cycling measure and the wider consequences on the urban road performances. The conceptual framework will be applied and tested in the FLOW cities Budapest, Dublin, Gdynia, Lisbon, Munich and Sofia. By putting the FLOW multimodal transport performance analysis methodology and the impact assessment tool into practice, cities will learn about the value and use of new transport modelling tools. Decision makers will be provided with facts and figures in order to assess how walking and cycling can be put on equal footing with other modes of transport.

Click here to read and download the conceptual framework.

The first video in the series of FLOW webinars is available for viewing below. The second one about transport modelling will be available shortly.

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