New Ideas and Investment for Calgary

Student Collaboration

An unique collaboration between Grade Six students at Langevin School and the University of Calgary's Faculty of Design graduate students studying green infrastructure, has resulted in the The Fourth Avenue Flyover Project. Combining play with ecological infrastructure the two groups designed plans to transform the uninviting public space under the Fourth Avenue Flyover in Bridgeland. Some of the creative ideas include rain gardens, swings and skating rinks and permanent outdoor exercise equipment. We look forward to a presentation on their ideas as part of the program for the Calgary Conference. Click here for more information on this project.

Micro-grants for walkable streets

The City of Calgary continues to demonstrate its commitment to making Calgary a city where people choose to walk. The council has approved a scheme to provide $172,000 in micro-grants to local community and business groups with ideas to make the streets of Calgary more walker friendly. Successful applicants will be announced at the conference and the ideas displayed. If you would like to apply for the grants, click here for more details.

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