Transport for London employs the International Walking Data Standard

In London we see significant improvements for people walking. Firstly, we congratulate Will Norman who is right now finding his feet as the first Walking and Cycling Commissioner for London. We trust Will Norman will shine a new light on walking in the UK capital (and not get waylaid by the cycling agenda!) And we are especially encouraged as Transport for London establishes a strong link between active transport, public health and urban public spaces. Healthy Streets is central to the vision of London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to create a better city for all Londoners. Transport for London defines Healthy Streets as "an over-arching framework for the design and management of London’s streets, incorporating measures to encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport, to improve road safety, tackle poor air quality, reduce car dependency, improve the environment and deliver an accessible and inclusive transport system." Measuring the progress in creating more active and healthy streets will be vital for the success and public approval of the efforts of London's administration. Therefore the responsible authority - Transport for London - is creating frequent reports, the "Travel in London" reports that measure overall mobility patterns in the City of London. To get a better grasp on walking, Transport for London has now adopted the International Standard for Walking in their ninth "Travel in London" report. Using the indicators recommended by the Walk21 International Walking Data Standard will help administrators to argue for improvements and necessary steps with hard data and will enable the city to demonstrate benefits stemming from investments in healthy streets that encourage people to walk more often.

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