Participate in the Creative Place Pace Survey

How is our creative capacity enhanced by choosing to walk in the landscape for contemplative purposes?

Are there commonalities between the place you choose and the place I choose, when we walk to think things through or to refresh, reflect and renew? Where and when do you go for a contemplative walk? How fast or slow do you walk on this path? What is a contemplative walk? A Contemplative Walk : a place where you walk to transform, problem-solve, clarify your thinking process or meditate in a restorative way that affects your creative potential. We invite you to participate in a survey about the places you choose to walk for contemplative purpose. The work is being undertaken by Professor Jody Rosenblatt-Naderi, a long time collaborator with Walk21, from Ball State University, Indiana, USA. Her work has resulted in award winning streets and gardens all with a focus on increasing holistic health for communities and providing for those who walk. The results will inform an understanding of the role of walking places and pulse.

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