Seoul city a walkable place.

Walk21 Seoul

26-28 May 2021

We will be a Virtual Event and look forward to joining voices from around the globe. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal.  

We will be in touch directly.


Walk21 Conference Timeline

Walk21 2021 Seoul
South Korea
Walk21 2019 Rottterdam
The Netherlands
Walk21 2018 Bogota
Walk21 2017 Calgary
Walk21 2016 Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Walk21 2015 Vienna
Walk21 2014 Sydney
Walk21 2013 Munich
Walk21 2012 Mexico City
Walk21 2011 Vancouver
Walk21 2010 The Hague
The Netherlands
Walk21 2009 New York
Walk21 2008 Barcelona
Walk21 2007 Toronto
Walk21 2006 Melbourne
Walk21 2005 Zurich
Walk21 2004 Copenhagen
Walk21 2003 Portland
Walk21 2002 San Sebastian
Walk21 2001 Perth
Walk21 2000 London
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Background to The International Conference on Walking and Liveable Cities


Walk21 started in 2000 with a conference in London and the conference has been held every year since, in different cities around the world.

Typically every other year the event has been hosted in Europe but every year always draws on the best information and presenters worldwide, and delegates come from around the globe. 

The Walk21 conference series supports, encourages and inspires the Global Walking Network to:  

  • Confirm the importance of walking politically and in policy

  • Provide an international platform for an inclusive discussion

  • Acknowledge current research, practice and promotion

  • Identify the need for future research and networking.

International delegates attending a Walk21 conference do so to have the opportunity to hear from leading professionals about programmes, policies and projects that really work and explore those themes in action through walking tours and visits arranged in the host city.

Hosting a Walk21 event

Hosting a Walk21 event is ideally part of plans to improve the sustainability and quality of life in the city by making the city more walking friendly. In all phases of the process (preparation, conference week and evaluation) the city will benefit from a boost to the profile of walking in the city, development of walking initiatives and engagement across the local authority.  City departments will be motivated to showcase their work on walking and to deliver real change.  All the cities that have hosted the conference have been able to develop their provision for walkers. 


In particular they benefitted by:


  • Publicising walking, urban and transport planning policies and provision and presenting papers 

  • Raising the international profile and prestige of their city and host organisation/s

  • Creating a more fruitful relationship between the city administration, external professionals and walking groups

  • Generating substantial publicity for their city and its policies

  • Receiving reactions to their plans, strategies and initiatives

  • Hearing and seeing other positive policies and examples 

  • Taking a lead and bringing professionals together

  • Involving elected representatives in the debate

  • Meeting a wide range of others involved in this field and fostering new networks and partnerships.


Walk21 conferences are well known and well respected as important events worldwide. Since 2002 the Walk21 conference has always attracted around 500 participants. The brand name (Walk21®) therefore has a valuable reputation as the international quality event where people meet. The event also highlights the ambitions of the host city and has a positive impact on the walking policy of the whole country. The event, above all, generates added international prestige for the host city and the involved organisations and institutions. 


Walk21 promotes and publicises the host city as a whole by attracting visitors and boosting the local economy.  Walk21 will propose international walking related projects and organisations to take advantage of the opportunity to meet in the host city the days before, during and after the conference.



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