The International Charter for Walking 


The International Charter for Walking is a common policy reference that cities, organisations, neighbourhood groups and individuals can sign up to and encourage more everyday walking and greater walkability.

The Charter was developed during the Walk21 conference series, starting in Portland in 2003 led by Daniel Sauter from Urban Mobility Research and launched in Melbourne in 2006.  It is informed by experts from more than 35 countries,  identifies the needs of people on foot and provides a common framework to help authorities focus their policies, activities and relationships to create a culture where people choose to walk.

To date the Charter has been signed by more than 5,000 people including 500 Mayors.  Please add your signature and encourage others to sign it too as a common framework to creating healthy, efficient and sustainable walking communities throughout the world.

Mayor signs the Interational Charter for Walking
International Charter for Walking

How to sign The Charter

As a city or council The Charter can be downloaded, printed and signed by the Mayor or other elected officials.

Many authorities then follow up by agreeing a commitment to The Charter in a formal council motion.  Others have chosen to use The Charter as a benchmarking tool to measure progress of projects and policies.

Charter front sheet with space for your organisation's logo/ coat of arms

At events it is more efficient to collect multiple signatures for The Charter on a single sheet.
A3 Charter front sheet with space for multiple signatures


Alternatively you can download and print this PDF form to use for a formal signing or for display. 

Remember to please let us know who has signed so that we can add them to the international database.

Mayor of Bogota Enrique Penalosa
Professor Paddy Phillips
Tuesday Udell
Rancagua City, Chile
Officials from Municipality of Lota
Mayor of San Pedro de la Paz
Anne Kerr, Mott Macdonalds
Toowoomba Council, Australia
PPT Chile
Shiraz, Iran
Medellín, Colombia
Medellín, Colombia
Medellín, Colombia
Mayor of Calgary, Canada
Peotónito, Mexico
Walk21 Vienna, Austria
Melbourne Delegate
Australian Sydney Mayors
Mayor and TRC Chair
Castelo Branco, Portugal
Mayor Marshall
Mayor of London, UK