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Postponed to 2021

Due to the current global Corona Crisis we have had to postpone to next year.  

Stay tuned for updates


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April 16, 2020

The coronavirus disruption has set off a multitude of debates of how the global pandemic will reshape our cities.  We share a few with you here.  

With a focus on mobility some have asked if coronavirus may be transportation industry's great opportunity while oth...

April 16, 2020

Over the last weeks cities have strategically used walking and cycling as a healthy and resilient form of urban transport that can maintain the required physical distance to others.  What have cities done to create more space for walking and cycling? Two initiatives ar...

April 16, 2020

The team at Citylab has invited readers to draw a map of your life, community, or broader world as you experience it under coronavirus. You can submit your map via the Citylab website.

Or you can join #walkfromhome to share your daily walking experience with others.

February 17, 2020

Walk21 Seoul Conference Themes

Walk21’s 21st anniversary conference will share how investment in better walking is delivering on national and city priorities; the role of urban regeneration and design to encourage and support walking; and discuss the walkable city of th...

February 16, 2020

From 2-6 March The Third Transport and Climate Change Week will be hosted by GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, in Berlin, Germany.

The conference explores the motto "Creating Confidence in the Feasibility of Change" and will be densely pack...

February 16, 2020

We are pleased to join the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety on 19–20 February 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. The event is co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), and minister-led delegations from more than 80 countries are expected to attend....

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