Vancouver Conference

Vancouver 2011: Transforming the automobile city - walking steps up! Join us Oct 3-5

Montage of Vancouver

Transforming the automobile city - walking steps up!

The XII International Walk21 Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities was celebrated in Metro Vancouver, Canada on October 3-5 2011. 

Conference delegates were treated to an inspiring and insightful conference full of wit and wisdom, including tricky technical debates, strategic overviews of the impact of history, the role of committed individuals and the critical health issues that create the context in which we seek to support more walking.  Beautiful and fun artistic moments were also part of the mix, with singing plenaries, artistic interpretations of public space and funky walking sticks with rearview mirrors.

While some participants worked through how to best measure walking, the walkability of communities or the economic impact of walking initiatives, others stepped out into the streets and waterfront of Metro Vancouver to experience first hand some of the great infrastructure the region has to offer.

The value of walking to enhance the well-being of communities was realised not only in discussions but also in experiencing public space together, as delegates and locals explored issues of sustainable happiness, choosing a slower pace and a people centred approach to community building, or bustled along the streets between venues, deep in discussion.