Copenhagen Conference

9 - 11 June, 2004. Copenhagen, DENMARK

Montage of Copenhagen

Copenhagen - A City for People

Walk21-V CITIES FOR PEOPLE brought together practitioners, decision makers, activists, and academics in architecture, public health, transportation, and community planning to help improve the quality of cities and urban space with regard to the way they are used by people on a daily basis.

The Danish capital, Copenhagen, provided an ideal venue for discussing such issues.

Over a period of four decades, many of the streets and squares in the inner city have gradually been transformed into wholly or partially car-free space. This step-by-step development has created excellent conditions for walking and urban recreation activities in the city centre.

Systematic studies of the development of city life show that it has experienced a marked increase in step with improvements. Cutting down on the traffic in the city centre along with gradually reducing parking options has helped limit car traffic in the inner city substantially. At the same time, a targeted policy to create better conditions for bicycle traffic has strengthened Copenhagen's position as a biking city.

Cities for People - three themes

Achieving the Vision:
What are the political structures that need to be in place and the economic arguments that need to be won to create a successful city?
Quality of Life:
How can cities be built that support and encourage a healthy and happy population?
Architecture and Design:
What techniques are available to manage liveable spaces and places?