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107 The Mobility of Children in the City of Copenhagen

| Joanna Mai Skibsted

Summary: The City of Copenhagen, Denmark, is running a programme to promote the right of every child in the city, to transport himself safely between home, the school and the after school centre - either by bike or by foot. The aim of the programme is to make the school children competent road users in a traffic environment where both the safety and the perceived safety is also taken care of. When the Danish school children end school at age 15 or 16, the next 10 years are the most dangerous period in their life as road users. This is why they have to be educated and competent road users especially at that age. The programme both includes construction of e.g. speed humps, raised intersections and other safety measures in the neighbourhood of the schools, but also campaigns, bicycle training, and other learning measures. The programme has a budget of approx. 7 million €. The programme also aims at the parents as they are role models for the children. A survey made by the Danish Road Safety Council shows, that 59% of the asked parents perceives him- or herself as a good role model traffic vice. The same survey shows, that only 11% of the parents find that the other parents are good role models traffic vice. Copenhagen aims to be the world's best city for cyclists. The pursue of this goal has given Copenhagen a very developed cyclist culture. Nearly 100% of people born in Denmark knows how to ride a bike. However, quite a few people coming to live in Denmark from foreign countries, are not able to neither bike nor teach their children how to. This is why the programme also goes into this type of education measure. The presentation goes into the various measures of the programme and especially how we coordinate between the measures to gain the biggest effects. The presentation also include how we evaluate the effort and how we co-operate with the University of Southern Denmark on how to measure the physiological effects on the school children when their road to school is made more safe, when they are exposed to traffic campaigns, and when their level of traffic competence is raised.

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